BiCon 2014 HQ are Delighted to announce that we are now ready to take your bookings, take your money and promises to pay in instalments.

Go to

and fill in the form



  1. Hi! That link yields a 404 Not Found error.

    It would be a good idea to enclose the link in <url> </url> tags so that people can click on it.

    (Feel free to delete this comment when no longer needed!)

  2. Hi! That link yields a 404 Not Found error.

    It would help to enclose the link in <url> </url> tags so that people can click on it.

  3. Just complete form, clicked on Submit, acreen went blank – was expecting to be taken to a payment page or at least a confirmation with info on what happens next. Was using iPad, in case that’s significant.

  4. Hi all – if you have any problems booking – use the email to contact us :) Thanks – Kate – Booking Admin

  5. I used the email to contact you, that was six weeks ago and I haven’t heard back yet. I hope someone is able to get to my enquiry soon.

    • Hi, Sorry! I can’t see anything from you in the email. I’ve emailed you from there, hopefully we can get your enquiry moving now. Sorry for the delay!

  6. Hi, just tried to register but after filling in my details I clicked to go to payment and it just gave a blank scenne of purple. Pls can you help? thanks :)

  7. How much is BiCon? I can’t find an indication of basic cost anywhere.

    • Hi, Sorry about this. There is a table of prices on the booking form, if you are ok with clicking through to that.
      I will need to get help from someone better at webstuff to make a table appear on here.
      Thank you for the prod, I’ll ask someone to make it happen.


      Job Done! Table of prices is now on the booking page.
      Thank you for asking!

  8. Just want to check before I book that I’m not missing something and that all rooms are ensuite? Or to put it another way, are there no non-ensuite rooms? It’s just that I am hoping to be placed In the same flat as certain friends and don’t want to book the wrong type and end up separated from them as I have done in previous years.

    • There are no non-ensuite rooms this year. We looked at them and the standard was so low for the price that we didn’t feel we could ask people to pay that much to stay there. Especially when the ensuite rooms are so much nicer for such a small increase in price. Looking forward to seeing you!

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